South African National Parks Honorary Rangers

Volunteers in support of South African National Parks

We are a group of passionate volunteers who give freely of our time and skills to support conservation in the South African National Parks.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers is the SANParks volunteer organisation, functioning according to an official agreement with SANParks.  We provide the people of South Africa and our business community the opportunity to support our national parks.  We are the SANParks preferred channel for public support towards our national parks.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers movement has a long history. Volunteers were active in the Kruger National Park as early as 1902, helping to alleviate the workload of full-time rangers, but we were officially established on 5th May 1964.

Today, there are over 1, 300 SANParks Honorary Rangers, all volunteers, based in 31 regions around the country and working in all 21 our national parks, such as Kruger, Addo, Table Mountain and Kgalagadi National Parks.

Our members are involved on various levels, from assisting at entry gates, raising funds for counter poaching activities, assisting in visitor management, running youth activities and even giving specialist advice on infrastructure and scientific projects.

We have provided SANParks with more than R248, 6 million in donations and volunteer support over the past 10 years and will continue to support our national parks.

Unlike many fundraising initiatives the SANParks Honorary Rangers utilise 100% of all money raised for the purpose for which they were donated. No public money is used to run activities and every cent donated by the public for counter-poaching or other identified projects is used to fund the actual projects or counter-poaching needs in South African National Parks.

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