Who are the SANParks Honorary Rangers?

SANParks Honorary Rangers is a group of passionate and unpaid volunteers who give freely of their time and skills to support conservation in South Africa’s national parks.
We provide the people and business community of South Africa with an opportunity to support and become involved in conservation efforts in our national parks.
SANParks recognises us as its trusted channel of public support and fund raising and the relationship is managed at the highest level of both organisations. All funds raised are directed to strategic projects through a SANParks-approved wish list system.
Our community-based programmes reach out to communities who border our parks to create appreciation for the benefits of nature conservation and grow support for the conservation of our national heritage.
Volunteers have been active in the Kruger National Park from as early as 1902, helping to ease the workload of full-time rangers and staff.
Today there are over 1 600 Honorary Rangers - all volunteers - based in 31 regions around the country and working in all 21 national parks, including iconic parks such as Kruger, Addo, Table Mountain, Agulhas and Kgalagadi.
We are involved at various levels, from welcoming guests at entry gates, raising funds for counter-poaching operations, assisting with visitor management, running youth activities through the Junior Honorary Rangers programme - and even giving specialist advice on infrastructure and scientific projects.
We have provided the lion’s share of support for anti-poaching initiatives by donating much-needed equipment, supporting the air-wing and funding the training of the rangers and K9 units.
In the past three years we have provided SANParks with more than R150m in donations and volunteer support.
We also play an important role in educating the public on environmental issues and the importance of conservation through talks and displays at shopping centres, schools, shows and public gatherings. info@honoraryrangers.org

Phillip is responsible for liaising with SANParks executive management and overseeing the organisation’s affairs at national level.
Vice Chairperson
Grant supports the chairperson by overseeing the commercial and communications portfolios. He is also responsible for the transformation agenda and taking care of the Indaba and AGM.
Skills Development
Willie oversees skills development and training of the SHR corps.
Northern Cluster
Eddie is responsible for corporate governance, coordination and effective communication within our northern cluster regions and parks.
Western Cluster
Francois is responsible for corporate governance, coordination and effective communication within the western cluster regions and parks.
Gauteng Cluster
John is responsible for corporate governance, coordination and effective communication within our Gauteng cluster regions and parks. He is also responsible for the Interpretation national project.
Commercial Manager
Ghita is responsible for contractual agreements, fund-raising activities on a national level, and assisting regions and projects with their fund-raising. She also manages the integrated report process.
Leonie oversees our financial systems, policies, compliance and reporting.
Peter manages the organisation’s data and reporting system. He is also responsible for running our management systems and administration.
Schalk is responsible for legal advice, compliance and maintaining the constitution.
Chris oversees internal communication, marketing and media relations.

Phillip Strauss was elected SHR NEC chairperson in May 2017. Phillip is a member of the SHR Pretoria Region, where he previously served as RMC chairperson.
He has been involved in various projects in the Pretoria Region such as Kids2Parks, International Ranger Day, Stargazing and Birding. He also concentrates his energy on management, guidance and assistance in all SHR matters at top level.
Phillip is not a vegetarian but a devoted bantingarian. His favourite menu would most probably be pork canapé, beef broth, lamb shank and chicken salad. But according to informed sources he has a weakness for Doritos. His vision for the SHR is that we remain a self-sustainable organisation in the 21st century, enhancing the SHR as the premier voluntary conservation organisation in support of SANParks. To achieve this he passionately promotes SHR management through the principles of good governance, financial transparency and transformation. Phillip believes the SHR must, as an all-inclusive organisation, serve as home for all like-minded South Africans that support the Vision and Mission as well as values, work ethics and principles of the SHR.
Those who know him describe Phillip in many ways: hugely talented, hard-working, passionate about life, having unlimited empathy towards people, dedicated to nature conservation and most of all with a focussed passion to promote the SHR