Lasher Hi-Five

A Hi-Five for the Lasher Big 5

Lasher Tools recently donated a further R 332 000 to the South African National Parks counter poaching effort, bringing their total contribution since 2014 to 1.7 million rand. Lasher is a proudly South African company known for its wide range of quality hand tools used in the gardening, DIY, agriculture, construction and mining industries.

Lasher partnered with the SANParks Honorary Rangers in their “Lasher Big 5” project. They donate a percentage of sales of their spades, garden forks, innovative wheelbarrow range, picks and rakes to the Honorary Rangers. The SANPaks Honorary Rangers utilise these funds to support, train and equip the counter poaching teams who are protecting rhino and other endangered species in our national parks.

“The support provided by Lasher has enabled us to provide key interventions in the rhino poaching war and is one of the reasons why SANParks has been able to start turning the tide against the criminals who are pillaging our natural heritage” … said Louis Lemmer, National Chairperson of the SANParks Honorary Rangers. “We thank Lasher and encourage the public of South Africa to support this effort by choosing a genuine Lasher tool for your next project.”

SANParks Head of Special Projects, Major General (RET) Johan Jooste thanked both SANParks Honorary Rangers and Lasher Tools for the much needed funds in the fight against illicit wildlife crime. “Reality is the anti-poaching efforts are expensive and any support received is appreciated. We are therefore, grateful that we have corporates like Lasher Tools who contribute towards keeping our rhinos alive.”

Proud recipients: From Left: Louis Lemmer (SANParks Honorary Rangers National Chairperson), John Turner(SHR Conservations Services), Lasher Tools Marketing Manager Nicole Renney with SANParks’ Major General (Ret) Johan Jooste (Head of Special Projects) and Ike Phaahla (Media Specialist).


SANParks Scientific Services receive funding

Pretoria Region are grateful to Jotam, Sappi, VW Hatfield and private sponsors of the Vu Xoko Xoko project who made it possible to donate R100 000 to SANParks Scientific Services.  The funding will be used to support the development of Junior Scientists.

Kruger Rangers Pampered

Kruger National Park rangers get pampered for their hard work

The IMPERIAL Retail Logistics team together with the SANParks Honorary Rangers donated 500 Christmas hampers to Kruger National Park rangers in Skukuza. This donation which is valued R620, 000 is a token of appreciation for the hard work demonstrated by the Kruger National Park rangers, especially in the fight against the rhino poaching scourge.

"During our team's visit to the Kruger National Park in August this year, we got to grips with the massive effort that is needed to protect the rhino population.”We decided to contribute by donating food hampers to the families of those who work so passionately especially the Kruger National Park rangers" said Friedel Spies, Commercial Director form IMPERIAL Retail Logistics.

"As IMPERIAL we are proud to be associated with this important initiative and salute all the individuals who are making a difference in the conservation and the protection for the rhino population in South Africa. Kruger National Park rangers spend most of their working hours camping in the bush looking after this beautiful heritage and a donation such as this one will be the appropriate taking to consideration their working environment. We would like to commit today that IMPERIAL will continue with this kind to donation to Kruger National Park rangers every year." concluded Friedel Spies, Commercial Director from IMPERIAL Retail Logistics.

"Rangers are, and will always be key to our operation as a national park and their efforts for the last few years wherein rhino poaching has escalated to an unprecedented scale in the country cannot be overlooked. We are delighted to have partners like IMPERIAL Retail Logistics coming on board to motivate our field rangers during this very difficult times" said General Johan Jooste, Officer Commanding of Special Projects in his response message.

The Kruger National Park is divided into 22 ranger sections, each section managed by a Section Ranger who is assisted by an average of 20 field rangers.  Gone are those days where rangers use  to look after the park and on daily basis, by conducting daily patrols, looking out for snares, signs of poaching activity and report on other eventualities such as erosion, alien plants and the total integrity of our environment only, today they are anti-poaching force.  Law enforcement and community relations are some of the efforts that also form part of the rangers’ duties.

Skukuza Section Ranger (mid-left) Ndwakhulu Mutobvu and Given Chiloane, (right) Field Ranger Skukuza poses in front of the donated food items with (mid-right) Mr Andre van der Merwe, Vice Chairperson of National Executive Committee of the SANParks Honorary Rangers and (left) Friedel Spies, Commercial Director from IMPERIAL Retail Logistics.


Children’s visit to Augrabies brightened up

As part of their policy of involvement in smaller parks the Virtual Region of the SANParks Honorary Rangers, decided to help a project called Far Schools.  This project takes kids from outlying communities in the Northern Cape into Augrabies Falls National Park.

Visiting schools receive an educational programme which is adapted to their needs and the grades in question. This involves a detailed presentation about all aspects of the park: the waterfall, wildlife, plants & trees, People & Conservation and tourism.

Due to the nature of the arid region it is also very important for children to realize that water is a precious resource which cannot be wasted. Teaching them how to conserve water and letting them come up with ways in which they can decrease their water use is an important part of environmental education at Augrabies Falls. For most of these children the whole thing is a first - first time most of them have ever left their community, first time in a wilderness area, first time camping.

This year the SANParks Honorary Rangers heeded a plea from Christine du Plessis, People & Conservation Officer at Augrabies Falls National Park, that they needed some lanterns so that the kids can walk safely from their tents to the ablutions and back.

The Honorary Rangers sourced and supplied 20 lanterns to Augrabies Falls National Park. These lanterns provide a bright light output and include solar panel as well as 220v and crank handle charging and are also robust enough to cope with teenagers and the extremes of the Arid Region.

The lanterns have already been on a successful trial run with a group of 50 kids from two schools. For more information visit

Mokala Bantam Aircraft

Bantam Aircraft for Mokala National Park.

After months of fund raising and careful planing the Johannesburg and West Rand regions of the SANParks Honorary Rangers are proud to announce the arrival of a Bantam Micro Light Aircraft to aid with the Anti Poaching efforts in the Mokala National Park near Kimberly. Official hand over will take place at Mokala in the near Future.

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