Becoming a SANParks Honorary Ranger

Becoming a SANParks Honorary Ranger opens up a world of opportunity for an individual to make a difference to conservation in South Africa. As we interact with the public and the employees of SANParks, a robust process is followed to appoint new members. It is recommended that potential new members identify a region (see list under REGIONS) matching their location and interests. The email details will put you directly in contact with the region, which will then invite the candidate to one of its meetings and provide the candidate with the SHR application form. After a brief chat about SHR and why the candidate wants to join, the region will assist them to be appointed as an applicant. Applicants are required to attend at least one compulsory course (The Role of the Honoray Ranger), which provides an introduction to the SHR organisation, our code of conduct and how the organisation functions.
Once 50 hours (100 points worth) of logged volunteer activity is complete (including 10 hours for the course) and after 12 months as an applicant, the region may recommend the applicant for appointment as a member. Members are entitled to do duties in parks for which they have completed the necessary accreditation courses, to wear the SHR uniform, to serve on a SHR management committee, and to vote in SHR elections. Members are required to log a minimum of 50 hours (100 points) of activities a year to retain their membership.
Six regions support the new Junior Honorary Ranger programme, which offers an alternative route to SHR member status for members aged 12 to 18. Juniors participate in a five-year programme, with different progressive activities each subsequent year. Juniors who complete the five-phase programme can become members immediately when they turn 18, in phase 5.