National Projects

Our National Initiatives

While all our regions engage in their own projects and initiatives, there are several national projects which transcends regional boundaries. These goal of the National Projects is to promote certain key activities across all our national parks:


Conservation Services

(Counter Poaching, Ranger Support, Wildlife Services)

A ranger's job is never easy.

Limited budgets, long hours, extreme environmental conditions, unpredictable animals, dangerous poachers! Sourcing valuable equipment, resources and funds for the SANParks rangers is one of the most valuable contributions made by Honorary Rangers. Another crucial area of Honorary Ranger support is in the supply of equipment and helping hands for the veterinary staff of SANParks, typified by game capture and transfer.


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National Training Committee

We are building a team of skilled and knowledgeable volunteers who can add real value to our parks and to the visitor's experience. While certain courses are compulsory for Honorary Rangers, they are also open to the general public.


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Junior Honorary Rangers

The Junior Honorary Rangers group is dedicated to reach and involve the youth in conservation, as they are the future of conservation.


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Bush Camps

We run a number of bush camps in Kruger National Park and we are spreading the concept to other parks.  Come join us for a real wilderness experience!


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National Birding events

Birding is fun and exposes one to unique opportunities.  We take birding seriously and have a range of events for both the novice and dedicated birders in all of our parks.

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