Who we are

"Volunteers in support of SANParks."


To be an integral strategic partner to SANParks in support of their strategic objectives and a world class eco-volunteer organisation.


Our purpose is to raise funds, provide services and support to SANParks.

Who we are

  • The SANParks Honorary Rangers is SANParks' chosen qualified volunteer organisation operating in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties.

What we are

  • Volunteers committed to conservation in support of SANParks.

What we do

  • Raise funds and provide services in support of the mission of SANParks.

Why we do it

  • To help ensure the future sustainability of our national parks.

How we do it

  • The SANParks Honorary Rangers is a vehicle to channel the passion for nature and our national parks into focused action by making a direct contribution to SANParks.

Our code of conduct

  • We shall strive for the highest levels of integrity and ethics as set out in our code of conduct.

Our culture

  • We place the interests and needs of SANParks above our own interests and needs as SANParks Honorary Rangers, in all our actions.

  • We seek to serve SANParks and our national parks by contributing what we can as volunteers according to our individual means, circumstance, contacts in the corporate world, education and training.