Honorary Rangers are involved in several other projects hosted by SHR, such as the popular bush camps, sporting events and music concerts.

Honorary Rangers educate and make the general public aware of the environment and the importance of conservation. We organise displays at shopping centres, schools, shows and public gatherings to raise awareness and encourage members of the public to visit and support South Africa’s national parks, The educational SHR Public Education and Awareness Programme (PEAP) shows are often held at schools to encourage children to understand and learn about all the items on display.

SHR is managed at a national level by the national executive committee (NEC), which is elected annually at the SHR annual general meeting (AGM). Cooperation between the SHR and SANParks is managed by the joint liaison committee (JLC), an oversight body comprising SANParks and SHR executives.

Our 1 900 members in 31 regions in South Africa serve all 21 national parks.

Each region elects its own regional management committee (RMC) at the regional AGM. The RMC is responsible for the day-to-day management of the region.