Innovative mobile emergency response unit saves poisoned vultures

Eight vultures, including six White-backed Vultures, one Lappet-faced Vulture, and one Hooded Vulture that survived a mass poisoning incident in June, were released back into the wild on 1 July 2023 after being successfully rehabilitated.

New life for Renovated Seeberg Bird Hide

Dries Venter, Chairperson of the West Coast Region of SANParks Honorary Rangers (SHR), said that visitors to the renovated Seeberg Bird Hide in the West Coast National Park will experience something new and different.

Table Mountain NP – SEAM Special Operations Rangers

SANParks - Table Mountain National Park introduced a first of its kind Sea, Air and Mountain (SEAM) Special Operations Ranger Team to the media, funders, Park Forum, representatives from US Fisheries and Wildlife Services, and of course SANParks Honorary Rangers at a pass-out parade. At its core is the re-established K9 Unit boasting six new fully-trained dogs and a state-of-the-art spec ops centre. "This group will cover multiple functions which include visitor safety, search and rescue and illicit wildlife crime such as abalone poaching," explained Table Mountain National Park Manager Frans van Rooyen

Planks of Thanks

For years, the lower Tokai Park boardwalk has been a much-loved pathway used by nature-lovers, dog walkers, strollers, runners and cyclists.

World Wildlife Day – Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet

This year’s World Wildlife Day highlights the immense value of forests and forest-dwelling wildlife to the livelihoods of the communities based there, and to the well-being of people living much further away. Never before has it been so important to remember that in order to sustain people and the planet – the theme for this year’s event – forests must be managed sustainably.

World Pangolin Day 2021

What is a pangolin? Despite appearances these animals aren't reptiles, as many people believe. In fact, they are the world's only scaly mammal — hence their other name, scaly anteaters. The creatures can grow to up to a meter in length, or around 3 feet. Eight species can be found living across parts of Asia and Africa.

Great news from the K9 unit

SANParks Honorary Rangers have just purchased 3 new dogs for the Kruger National Park. These 3 future heroes will be deployed in the park in next few weeks.

KNP Road Report

The low water bridge outside Skukuza is closed. Croc Bridge gate closed due to rivers overflowing. All gravel roads closed

Kruger National Park on high alert for Tropical Storm Eloise

According to reports from the South African Weather Services, various parts of the Kruger National Park (KNP) particularly in the far north, will be affected by major rainfall and strong winds over the coming weekend, specifically on Sunday, 24 January 2021, due to the Tropical Storm Eloise.

International Volunteer Day

Today is "INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY”. This is a day to celebrate people who give freely of their time, skills and resources to make the world a better place.